The Great Wall

Climed the great wall today! Unfortunately it was very foggy so the
view was not all it could have been but it cleared up on the way down
and it was still soo beautiful. The mist swept over us all morning in
thick clouds. The hike was intense! Very very steep and full of trees
and plants we sometimes had to push our way through.
We had a funny group so we all kept eachother going with funny jokes
and stories.
Every once and awhile there were lilies poking out. Tons of grass and
dew drops everywhere. It was so beautiful and the air felt so nice in
my lungs.
After we climbed down ( which was almost more painful than climbing
up) we had lunch down the road at big round tables. Talking and
laughing with our new foreign friends who like us are backpacking
through china. Bus ride home took 4 hours because of traffic. Once we
were back I went wandering by myself again ( sorry mom) and bought
tons of green tea and now I'm about to pop some benadryls and pass
out. Forbidden City tomorrow! And then an overnight train to Xi'an.
Got seats this time. Fewf.
Miss you all very much. Home sick here and there but mostly having a
great time!

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