Getting ready to do some felting !

Picked up a selection of 70-100% wool ( one cashmere !) sweaters from value village today and they are currently on a hot wash cycle getting all felted up!
I will then deconstruct the garments into sections of felted wool to sew up some cute little 'softies'
Softies are handmade little stuffed animals made from felted wool, recycled fabric and embroidery thread.
Spent my weekend trying my hand at the toadstool and baby mouse patterns from the book I am studying and they went pretty well!
Next up is a swan! Stay tuned!
Oh and I bought myself a sewing machine this week. A beautiful Bernina ! It will be here by the end of the week. I'm so excited !!!

Gangs all here

Going slowly to perfect the ' blanket stitch' on the ears

Baby mouse!

Braised spinach risotto with goat's cheese and toasted almonds