Acciughe Salate

In a rather fortuitous manner, I have returned to blogging. As I attempted to 'add' a friend on my facebook account today, I got a message saying "You are unable to add anymore friends at this time. Many of your recent requests have been unanswered. Either because you are adding friends you do not know personally, or because another user has flagged your activity as offensive. Don't worry, you'll be able to add more friends soon."

Feeling like I had reached a new low of self loathing for using facebook in the first place, I decided to use it as a sign that I should get back to working on my blog. So instead of sitting on facebook and talking about nothing in particular, I am going to talk about something that interests me.

Anchovies packed in Salt! I've been looking for them everywhere for the past two days and I cannot find them ! My new River Cafe cookbook calls for them in a recipe for Ossobuco that I made last weekend.

And they say: "Tinned anchovies in oil are no substitute."

So what's so special about the salted ones? Apparently, the anchovies are graded by size, then salted whole in large barrels or tins of 5 to 10 kg in size. The best fish are the largest ones, and should be red in colour. To prepare them you rinse them under cool running water to remove all the salt, gently remove the spine bones and head, and pat dry.

I am so fascinated and can't wait to find out what the big fuss is!

But alas.... I am still on the hunt! If anyone knows a place that sells them please tell me!

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