Sofia !

One of my favourite directors, Sofia Coppola has just won top honours at the Venice film festival for her newest film Somewhere.

Shot at the infamous celebrity hotel The Chateau Marmont, on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, the film explores an up and coming actor who is lost in a lifestyle of excess and indulgence until his 11 year old daughter ( played by Elle Fanning - sister of Dakota) comes to live with him.

So far reviews have mentioned the slow and quiet character development and the inside peek of celebrity lifestyle in Hollywood.

I look forward to Sofia's take on father/daughter relationships. She has always dazzled me with her unique portrayal of the tenderness and quiet confidence of girls.

Unfortunately I will have to wait until December 22 for that slow panned look up into a sun soaked LA sky... Ohh I can already see it!

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Yo GurtMoJi said...

I Love Her (with virgin suicides 13 year old hipster in sunglasses accent)
*jumps off roof into hedge then walks away unharmed

I love Sofia that is...can't wait