The Grand Hyatt Shanghai

So I dragged the girls to the Grand Hyatt Shanghai to explore the
hotel and see the view. First we went to the restaurant on the 54th
floor and looked around then lounged in the waiting area. The view was
already incredible. Used the washrooms and felt like a princess.
Washed my hands arms and face in the private stall. Yes I am a hobo.
If you had been in downtown shanghai all day you would too.
I wanted to check out the bar. It's on the 86th floor and didn't open
til 5. So we waited and rested happily in the gorgeous furniture in
the lounge.
Up to the bar we went. Clearly we were the only sweaty dirty girls
with backpacks but the staff welcomed us anyway. Had some cheese, a
cocktail and some amazing desserts. We feel like princesses which we
have to enjoy while it lasts - we are boarding a train tonight to
Beijing. We were supposed to get a sleeper car but the only tickets
left when we went to buy them were 'no seat' tickets. We are going to
be sitting in the space between cars for 12 hours. Ahhhhhh !
Apparently if seats empty along the way we can sit in them.....I am
praying this is true. But if not ...
Wish me luck !


Ariel said...

wow these pictures are gorgeous... what kind of camera are you using? hope your trip is marvelous

amy said...

Hey Ariel thanks for reading :) I'm just using my iPhone and a cool app that changes them to look Polaroid-ish. My trip is marvelously wacky so