Food poisoning sucks

If you knew how dirty these floors were you'd understand how
desperately ill we felt to be willing to lay on them.
Luckily we were at a hotel for the night and day. Running to the
bathroom every 20 minutes with the runs and violent barfing. Here we
are at the train station later that day laying on the spit covered
floor. Everytime I tried to stand up I felt like I was going to faint.
Then Projectile vomitted all the water I'd been trying to drink. First
time I made it to the garbage and everyone just stood gawking at me as
I puked my guts out. Clutching my stomach and crying. Second time I
didn't make it and puked water all over the floor. I was so embarassed
and frustrated but no one even cared they just walked through it. Made
it to the train and slept for 12 hours. I feel better now :)
Off to hong kong. I'm super excited to explore the flower and bird
Here's hoping we don't get sick. There is nothing as bad as being sick
in a foreign country. Checking that off my list!:)

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