Getting ready to do some felting !

Picked up a selection of 70-100% wool ( one cashmere !) sweaters from value village today and they are currently on a hot wash cycle getting all felted up!
I will then deconstruct the garments into sections of felted wool to sew up some cute little 'softies'
Softies are handmade little stuffed animals made from felted wool, recycled fabric and embroidery thread.
Spent my weekend trying my hand at the toadstool and baby mouse patterns from the book I am studying and they went pretty well!
Next up is a swan! Stay tuned!
Oh and I bought myself a sewing machine this week. A beautiful Bernina ! It will be here by the end of the week. I'm so excited !!!


Yo GurtMoJi said...

Nice animals and fungi. How come the shrooms don't fall over? Bernina huh? That's a sweet ride maaan. How many different stitches can it do? Can it sew leather? : )

amy said...

hi yogurt moji! ;)

thanks for commenting!

the bernina arrived today!! woowoowoo!!

i think it can sew leather but i would definately need a special needle and maybe a different 'foot'
(part that holds your fabric down smoothly as it runs through the machine and the needle stitches....)

it can do 26 different stitches!
and it can do freestyle embroidery so i can sew letters onto things. like hankerchiefs or cool motorcycling bandanas !!;)

thanks for mentioning the leather.. i will now start my long list of questions to ask during my private lesson ( came with purchase of machine)
and away i go!!

amy said...

oh the shrooms have little pebbles inside to hold them down :)
my friend told me i could use ball bearings instead but i have yet to get any... :)