Just Your Average Day

"So i just stopped a homeless lady from jumping off a bridge. Now I'm writing a midterm. Just your average day."
-Brittany Webster 2:20 pm Friday October 22nd.

My sister has always been magically lured to scenes of life and death danger. One time while riding her bicycle near our house in the countryside she tried to whistle a dog her way to get him off the road only to have a pick-up truck zoom up out of nowhere and run it over right infront of her eyes and drive off. The next year she found my Dad mid heart attack in the bathroom in the middle of the night and unable to save him, watched him die. Today after hearing a man's shouts for help, assisted him in holding an extremely drunk homeless woman from leaping off the ledge of a bridge until the cops showed up and were able to lift here back onto solid ground. I hope all these unfortunate circumstances are leading up to some kind of completely collosal Disney Princess Happy Ending. Like, a terrible car crash in Toronto this Christmas break ... Brittany will run to help those stuck inside and find Hugh Jackman who, after having a near death experience will confuse the snow falling around my dear sister's shoulders as angel dust and propose. Excellent. We'll definitely have a maid to do our dishes this year! Thanks Boo, or should I say Wonder Woman.

Today I had a slightly less heroic but still 'just your average' day.

I got my hair cut.

Then I found myself standing in line behind Christine Cushing at Dark Horse Espresso and thanked the lord I atleast had a nice hair do. Then I examined her hair do, and thought " I hope she just came from the gym." and then I judged her just a little ( you know, had a little chuckle to myself) when she ordered a pistachio biscotti but pronounced it "Bis-coat-ti" like an Italian. Isn't she GREEK? I'm such a bitch. *chuckle chuckle*

I went to China Town and bought myself a kick ass Chinese cleaver. Y'know, for choppin bones n thugs. I mean, things.

La Familia

Then I spent two hours making a lasagna which I will feed to my hungry staff tomorrow. Yes I spent nearly two days making one dish of lasagna and I couldn't be happier.

Then I talked to my mother on the phone for two hours. Her best line:

"I have two lovers. Wine and Cigarettes."

All in all, just your average day.

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